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And while modern believers ignore this fact, the proof is overwhelming!

Messianic Judaism

In the words of Methodtus A. In the words of Lactantius A. Which voice is found to have been foretold by David. And the Spirit of God descended upon Him, formed after the appearance of a white dove. From that time He began to perform the greatest miracles, not by magical tricks, which display nothing true and substantial, but by heavenly strength and power, which were foretold even long ago by the prophets who announced Him; which works are so many, that a single book is not sufficient to comprise them all".

Moreover, these words which were spoken to Jesus are actually confirmed at two other places in the New Testament.

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Contrary to the Apostle's conclusions upon which the Epistle to the Hebrews is founded, because this statement which was reportedly spoken from heaven was altered by the later church, nowhere in our present day translations are these words said to Jesus. In a writing by Justin died A. In the Hebrew Matthew, there are two variants to the baptismal account which are different from the Greek text tradition. The first adds "today I have begotten thee. And as Jesus came up from the water, Heaven was opened, and He saw the Holy Spirit descend in the form of a dove and enter into Him.

Nicholson, The Gospel according to the Hebrews at Also, in "Codex Bezae and most of the old Latin manuscripts This position of Faustus which was of course the same as the Ebionite Nazirenes and the Original Gospel accounts, was rejected by the dogma of the Emperor Constantine's Church that Jesus was the 'eternal' Son of God -- which doctrine was embraced at Nicea in AD.

Dictionary of messianic terminology and definitions

See our "Council of Nicea". Augustine sets forth the Catholic view of the relation of the divine and the human in the person of Christ.

Suzie, an Israeli Jewish girl who came to believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah!

It still remains true, that in this whole passage of the generation no mention is made of the Son of God till we come to the baptism; so that it is an injurious misrepresentation on your part to speak of this writer as making the Son of God the inmate of a womb. The writer, indeed, seems to cry out against such an idea, and in the very title of his book to clear himself of such blasphemy, asserting that the person whose birth he describes is the son of David, not the Son of God. He [i. Augustine disputes only how Matthew read but not how Luke read.

Based on Epiphanius and Jerome's account of the Hebrew Matthew, it must have been altered instead of Luke. Only after Augustine did not want to cope with Faustus's argument any longer, Catholic authorities also erased the Luke version as well. While Augustine attempted to argue his point using the corrupted copies of Matthew, it is easily proven that the older Matthew manuscripts read exactly the same as Luke -- i.

The Spiritual Consequences: Were these the actual words which were spoken to Jesus? If they were, what are the religious and spiritual implications for the modern Christian in search of a more intimate relationship with the Lord? This, however, is a forced way of interpreting the words, and not at all consistent with the context, which clearly connects the Sonship with the resurrection of Christ. Does the apostle, then; mean to say that Christ became God's Son -- for the first time and in the only sense in which He was the Son of God -- by His resurrection from the dead? In fact, because they believed what Jesus himself taught them -- i.

From a biblical perspective, there is nothing in the Old Testament that even remotely implies or predicts that the Eternal God will come in the form of man. You shall listen to him in whatever he tells you Thus, Jesus told his disciples and followers that he was a prophet. If Jesus was God, and the Father and the Son were not separate and distinct individuals, such a prayer would have been meaningless. The problem is that we cannot even begin to understand the essence and meaning of this spiritual concept, until we are first able to comprehend our own divided nature -- the reality of our pre-existent soul -- and our vision has been opened to where we are able to see beyond the natural barriers of this world.

What Jesus is saying, though, is that in the same way that he and the Father are One, they too are One. If you loved me, you would be glad that I am going to the Father, for the Father is greater than I.

Lie #2: The Jewish People Rejected Jesus as Their Messiah

I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe. I will not speak with you much longer, for the prince of this world is coming. How could a coequal God say that God was greater than he was? It is a widely accepted doctrine among Christians today that the disciples and Messianic followers did not comprehend the true nature of Jesus, because they did not proclaim that he was God -- as did the later Gentile converts.

Where did Peter get the notion that Jesus was a man -- a man "accredited by God" -- a man that God performed miracles, wonders and signs through? I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me. They were Yours, You gave them to Me, and they have kept Your word. How could God give God works to finish? How could God know nothing except what God taught him? Sanctify them in the truth; thy word is truth. As thou didst send me into the world, so I have sent them into the world.

Are these just words -- or did Jesus truly mean that his disciples were not of this world? And when Jesus states that his disciples are at-one with both him and God, does that make them God? These are questions which the Apostle warns that the mind of man in his natural state is incapable of answering — incapable, until they have themselves attained this same level of oneness which is portrayed as the ultimate goal of the disciple who walks in TheWay.

We can only start to comprehend this belief that was held commonly by ALL the faithful believers who were taught directly by Jesus himself, as well as those who were closest to him in the first century, when we begin to apply what the Apostle Paul put forth in the first chapter of Romans, and explore the belief in relation to our own entrance into this world.

The path of TheWay could not be walked by many Jews because they were carnal in their perception of the Law Torah , and could not use the Key of Knowledge to open the inner door to the Kingdom. In like manner, the majority of the Roman and Greek followers who were too Pagan to embrace the teachings of Yeshua, were not interested in a life of genuine change and spiritual transformation, so they made Jesus their God so they didn't have to pick up their own cross and follow in TheWay. The Good News is that once you understand and are willing to live in accordance with the Original teachings of the New Covenant, the Promise is that you will Know the Truth for yourself as you are permitted entrance into the Kingdom within you Lk Click Icon.

If you are in search of Spiritual Truth. Click Above To Access. Using Modern Quantum Physics,. The inner spiritual core of Judaism totally believes in Yeshua and his teachings -- and they see him as having ushered in a New Messianic Age of the Final Temple which is Spiritual and Living. The conflict between the three religions, as well as world peace, cannot be achieved because of The Three Lies. That the spiritual core of Judaism believes that the historical Yeshua as a Messiah -- and ushered in the Final Temple -- cannot be acknowledged because of the paganism of Christianity and the idolatry of the Church in the worship of Jesus as God in accord with the doctrines of the Emperor Constantine.

Moreover, this same idolatry not only was instrumental in the creation of Islam, but is the very reason why Muslims view Christians as worshiping a false god. Yet, because Islam itself has become corrupted, the flaw that each sees in the other, is as the beam that is blinding the vision of each of the three.

Click the above The Three Lies graphic to access the article and learn the Truth for yourself. Luke NAS. A Confrontation With A Long Ignored Reality - While scholars and believers alike hold almost countless opinions as to the meaning of the scriptures, to their own detriment they overlook the most important part of the equation -- i.

It is an ever-looming and grave fact that, because both believers and critic alike all fail to understand the nature of the scriptures from the vision of the original authors, the scriptures remain a perpetual enigma to nearly all who open them. The bottom line is this: That it makes little difference as to what YOU believe the nature of the scriptures are, if you fail to understand the sacred writings from the same perception and understanding as the original authors who composed them. Thus, before you can even begin to understand the true meaning of the scriptures, you must first come to understand the original objectives of the authors.


And in this respect, a few facts to consider is that the scriptures were written by Mystics who possessed a Knowledge that the biblical authors portrayed as incomprehensible to the congregation of believers -- whose higher vision of what they portrayed as Essential Truths, was outlawed as heresy -- which forced them to use a special CODE which they portrayed as the Key of Knowledge , which permitted them to both preserve and conceal their Spiritual Truths from the eyes and understanding of the ordinary reader and believer -- who would condemn and reject the Great Truths that were preserved beneath the cloak of the text of the written word which Paul portrayed as "the letter that killeth".

And in view of the fact that nearly everyone who opens the scriptures all equally throw away the Key of Knowledge, they all remain blind to the true meaning. Therefore, the primary objective of the scriptures is to conceal and preserve esoteric truths for fellow sincere seekers both in the present, and even more importantly in the future. While it is true that we were all Created equal -- it is also an undeniable fact that in the case of man, equal is not the same -- and each of us is the product of our past experiences that have developed us since the very dawn of Creation itself.

What this means is that the mystic authors write what man calls scriptures, so that when their souls return to this world, the sacred writings will be preserved for them to renew and restore their spirituality, so they can continue their soul-journey from where they left off in the previous cycle of physical life. In the example of Paul who references himself as an ambassador in bonds who cannot speak about what he knows openly -- openly warning the congregation of believers that he had himself taught, that if he did in fact speak to them openly about the Spiritual Gospel, they would reject what he said as utter "foolishness" see Mystery Of The Gospel.

Further, Paul explains that because it was declared from On High to be "unlawful" to reveal to the faith-based believers the Spiritual Gospel of Christ and the Mysteries of the Kingdom see Gnostic Spiritual Dilemma , there are two doctrines -- i. Jesus Said:. Whoever finds himself is superior to the world". The Gospel Of Thomas.

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Do You Believe In Jesus? And The Ways of This World. John NKJ. And TheWay. Thus, each person reading this web site is confronted with the warning: "He who does not remember history is condemned to repeat it" Georges Santayana. This web site is for you, the common people who have been victimized, exploited and led in the wrong direction by both your religious and secular leaders and cultural icons. Our Heavenly Father has not in any measure abandoned his prodigal sons and daughters -- and quite the opposite, it is man who continues to cling to manmade doctrines, a cultural mindset, and the traditions of this world.

And if you begin to truly understand the timeless message of the Gospels, you will come to know that most religious leaders are merely Pharisees by another name, and most cultural and secular leaders are very much as the Romans. Nothing has changed on the stage of life -- the players merely use different names in order to fool you.

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The purpose of this web site, then, is to free you who are the prodigal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, from the shackles of the counterfeit leaders who imprison you in this, the "far country As the prodigal sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, TheCall has been made to each of you to return to the Kingdom which you once departed from, before venturing into this world which Yeshua portrayed as "the far country".

And TheCall is not to come to a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple of this world -- but rather, to return to the Kingdom which you can enter by travailing in the "narrow way" that Yeshua taught see Gate Of Eden. Because if you don't hear TheCall, and come to the voice of the Shepherd of the flock while you are still alive in the physical body, you will not be able to enter the Kingdom when you pass from this life. And while you will not perish and cease to exist, you will not go to Glory as the some believe, or reincarnate as others believe -- but you will have squandered away an opportunity that may not so readily be available to you in the future.