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He makes four to five videos in one day, and uploads each one weekly. To save bandwidth, he converts the videos to. He spends about one hour daily answering questions from viewers. Labels: Business , Fitness. Labels: Business , Tourism. Monique Foxx A rich Brit who was a bodyguard to Michael Jackson, and claims that he is the biological father of the late singer's youngest son, has found love with an Afrikaans singer from Witbank.

He has three children and owns martial arts schools in the UK. Monique recently joined him in London. He met Jackson through his friend, the actor Mark Lester, and worked as a bodyguard when Jackson was in London. Filming is scheduled to start next month at Matt's estate in Devon, England.

Monique will launch her single, Kicking the World, a tribute to Jackson, in England. Labels: Entertainment , music. Heather Moore is an illustrator and textile designer, and owner of Skinny laMinx. Born in Johannesburg, she studied English and Drama at university, followed by a Masters in education. She then got involved in illustration for schoolbooks.

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Getting creative, she found the international arts and crafts site, Etsy , and started showcasing her creations there. Her tray cloths sold well and soon she had more overseas and local orders coming in. Her latest range, Flower Dreams , was well-received. Heather ascribes her success to the Internet and luck. Labels: Business. Journalist and author Charlene Smith was raped and stabbed in her Johannesburg home by an intruder in A week later she went public with her ordeal in trying to receive post-exposure HIV prophylaxis.

This harrowing experience eventually led to two books, the second of which was recently published, and made her a survivor and fighter for rape survivors in South Africa. She refused to be a victim and has since counselled thousands of women. Proud of Me, her first book aimed at helping rape survivors, was about coping with the aftermath of the rape and her journey. The second book, Whispers on my Skin, is about relearning intimacy after experiencing violence.

It is filled with real stories and provides a roadmap to healing. In she was invited by the Center for Disease Control to address scientists, as a result of which CDC embarked on its protocol for PEP for survivors of sexual assault. She is considered an expert on sexual violence and HIV and has been invited to present papers and chair sessions at many conferences and seminars globally, including the World AIDS Conferences.

Charlene was born in Johannesburg and grew up in Zambia.

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She began her political journalist career at The Star, and later moved to the Sunday Tribune where she was also deputy bureau chief , Business Day where she was also deputy news editor , Sunday Times, Financial Mail where she was associate editor and Finance Week where she was assistant editor. She is also a highly regarded media consultant with considerable expertise in multimedia, and has lectured at numerous colleges and universities.

She moved to United States after a close friend and neighbour was murdered. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she is studying for a Masters of Fine Art part-time, working on a book on prescription drug overmedication and addiction, and writing a novel.

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She enjoys leading guided tours of the Boston area and has developed a smartphone application for tourists, called South Africa Travel: The Rainbow Nation. It has more than 3 photographs, videos, Facebook and Twitter entries, and close to 60 cities, towns and villages. Every four to six weeks the app gets upgraded. Labels: Books , Expats , Technology , Tourism. The musician Piet Botha is his uncle. He was one of the first investors in YouTube.

Today he is a partner at Sequoia Capital, the most important venture capital company in Silicon Valley. He selects new technology companies in which to invest and his investments have led to the rise of companies like YouTube en LinkedIn. Sequoia recently invested in two South African companies, Nimbula and Clickatell.

They met at Stanford and have two children, a six year old daughter and a four year old son. He was in his high school's rugby first team, and also represented Stanford's MBA rugby team.

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  5. Labels: Expats , Technology. Whilst South Africa was in a frothy over a presidential member, a South African billionaire was creating history on the other side of the ocean. It is the first trip by a private, non-government agency to take supplies and equipment to the space station. If all goes as planned, the unmanned Dragon capsule, lifted into orbit by the Falcon 9 rocket, will berth at the International Space Station on Friday bearing cargo: meal packets, a laptop computer, a change of clothes for the station astronauts and 15 student experiments.

    The Dragon is scheduled to stay at the station until the end of the month as astronauts unpack its cargo and replace it with items to bring back to Earth. His maternal grandfather was from Minnesota, and had moved to Saskatchewan, where Elon's mother was born. His father is an engineer and his mother is an author, nutritionist and model appearing on the cover of New York Magazine in and a Time Magazine supplement in He bought his first computer at age 10 and taught himself how to program.

    After matriculating at Pretoria Boys High School, he left home in at the age of He spent two years at Queen's University in Canada. In he started studying business and physics at the University of Pennsylvania on a full scholarship.

    He stayed on to complete a second bachelor's degree in physics. In he enrolled for a graduate programme in applied physics and materials science at Stanford, but dropped out after two days. He started Zip2, which provided on-line content publishing software for news organisations, with his brother Kimbal Musk.

    He then founded X. He is also chairman of SolarCity, a company that designs and installs solar energy systems.

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    Four years ago, SpaceX saw the first three launchings of the small Falcon 1 rocket fail. One more failure and it would have run out of money.

    As Elon went through a divorce from his first wife, sci-fi novelist Justine Musk, with whom he has five sons, he had to borrow money from friends. The fourth launching succeeded. The first two Falcon 9 launchings, in , also succeeded. In , Time magazine named him one of the most influential people of the year. His life story inspired actor Robert Downey jnr's portrayal of fictional billionaire inventor Tony Stark in the blockbuster Iron Man movies. They married in In , their first child, a boy called Nevada, died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at 10 weeks old.

    The marriage ended in divorce. Six weeks later they got engaged. They were married in September at Skibo Castle in Scotland. The marriage ended in Labels: Business , Expats. He was one of four candidates who were recently interviewed in Mumbai for the post. He represented South Africa in 42 tests and one-day internationals. Labels: Sport. The producers are looking at a September start date for principal photography on the first installment, to be shot in Cape Town. He formed Kalahari Pictures in Deon Meyer's crime thrillers have been translated into 20 languages. Labels: Books , Films.

    Andre Botha is president of Congo Agriculture, which together with AgriSA, has been in negotiations with the Congolese government since its invitation to South African farmers to bring their expertise to the Republic of the Congo Brazzaville. Thirty-nine South African farmers have already moved there.

    The state made ha of farmland available to the farmers, of whom 13 have moved to the country on a semi-permanent basis. Thirteen others commute between South Africa and the Congo every two weeks.

    Frederick Russell Burnham

    Neil Karg, whose wife and housekeeper were murdered on his dairy farm in KwaZulu-Natal in , and former Angolan prisoner-of-war Wynand du Toit, are part of the farmers community. The first 13 farmers arrived in the village of Malolo just before Christmas last year. Although Burnham had lived all over the world, he never had a great deal of wealth to show for his efforts. It was not until he returned to California, the place of his youth, that he found great affluence.

    An avid conservationist and hunter , Burnham supported the early conservation programs of his friends Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot. He and his associate John Hayes Hammond led novel game expeditions to Africa with the goal of finding large animals such as Giant Eland , hippopotamus , zebra , and various bird species that might be bred in the United States and become game for future American sportsmen.

    Burnham, Hammond, and Duquesne appeared several times before the House Committee on Agriculture to ask for help in importing large African animals. In his later years, Burnham filled various public offices and also served as a member of the Boone and Crockett Club of New York, [] [] and as a founding member of the American Committee for International Wildlife Protection now a committee of the World Conservation Union. Several other prominent Arizonans and environmental groups joined the movement and a "save the bighorns" poster contest was started in schools throughout the state.

    Burnham provided prizes and appeared in store windows from one end of Arizona to the other.