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D in Philosophy. I like reading, and was delighted to come across the Enoch Factor. What I have read so far is much how I feel about life and religion.

Will let you know at the end of this great book. Post a Comment. Steve McSwain. Thoroughly saturated with the Holy Scriptures and other wisdom writings from throughout the ages, this book is a powerhouse! But the dynamite isn't in dogma or theology or even theory. The dynamite is in the deliverance from dogma, theology and theory into the freedom of an authentic walk with the One who transcends all dogma, theology and theory!

Steve doesn't teach you all the things that are important to know about God. In fact, he doesn't talk much at all about what you should know about God. There's a huge difference.

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The Enoch Factor is a hard-hitting book. No holds barred here. Parts of it will be uncomfortable — at least they were for me. In fact, you may end up not liking at all how Steve McSwain requires a close and unfiltered look at ourselves, but you'll be hard pressed to suggest that he did not tell you the truth as he has personally experienced it from a heart filled with the love of God. There are certain of Steve's perspectives that I have not yet been able to completely embrace, yet I feel that I have tapped into something profound in his words and stories.

And that brings up another wonderful detail about this book: Steve McSwain is an outstanding storyteller! The unfolding of this divine panorama will keep the reader enmeshed and enthralled until the last page. There are many precious jewels to be found in the pages of The Enoch Factor. The long chapter on Ego alone is worth the price of the book. It's an eye-opening revelation and a bondage-breaker for those who have spent years battling a foe they didn't even know existed.

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  5. Let me recommend that you acquire this book and examine what Steve has written. Allow yourself to ask the questions and to examine the answers which Dr. McSwain has uncovered in his own journey into an authentic life walking with the Presence of God day by day.

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    If it was not God I experienced but, instead, a dream or something equally as strange, then I hope I never wake up. Since that day, I have been aware of a Sacred Presence almost continuously. Virtually everything about the way I think, what I believe, and the way I live has shifted for the better. The changes happen almost daily, too, or so it seems. The thoughts, feelings, and beliefs I used to have about my life, this world, and even death itself have morphed into something infinitely more meaningful to me than at any other time in my life.

    Make no mistake, however. I have not written this book to bash my religious heritage. As it is among all religions, the Christian religion is desperately ill. Even so, with all its faults, it has helped shape who I am and provided me and millions of others a path to follow in the human quest to know God. Life unfolds as a series of I have written the book in synchronous events that, three sections.

    The first chronicles my history, the things I though appearing coincigrew up believing, and the dental, are actually strange day when everything changed in my life and I found conspiring together to bring true intimacy with God.

    Enoch - The Hierophant (Full Album 2011)

    In this you into union with God. I also detail the story of the day when my father suffered a brain attack, a stroke that ended his life ten days later. It was the most traumatic life event I have experienced. Yet, it is amazing to me how this event conspired with other life events to create a portal through which my encounter with God materialized. He is the human archetype of the sacred art of knowing God.

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    History records the myths and legends of persons who lived at a level of God-consciousness never realized by the majority of their contemporaries. There are many, many others, of course.

    Biblical Horizons » No. The Case Against Western Civilization, Part 2

    Jesus lived at this level, too. In fact, most Christians believe Jesus embodied the Divine presence in his earthly life more completely than any other person who has ever lived. Throughout history, the people who seemed to have arrived at an advanced level of spiritual awareness were known by specific names. Jews called them tzadikim, Hindus called them avatars, and Christians called them saints.

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    Labels are unimportant, however. What is more important is that they were rare souls indeed.

    The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God

    Enoch was one of these rare souls, too, although not as widely known. Only one other person in the sacred record of Jewish history was said to have reached this level of Divine consciousness. That was Noah Gen From the first day I met Enoch some thirty years ago, his mysterious life has fascinated me. That explains my acknowledgment at the front of this book. You might not talk with the person, but you know he or she is there.

    The Enoch Factor: The Sacred Art of Knowing God

    More than a personal odyssey, The Enoch Factor is also a testimonial to the innate dangers of fundamentalist thinking. It is a persuasive ar See More. Published on Oct 5, Go explore.