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"The Big Picture", A book written by Dr. Rick C. Mason is now available for purchase

We even addressed bullying experienced when he was a kid. This interview is very important with this topic at the forefront of our modern culture. Listen, learn and act! This book has been called "the most important book of the 21st century" and should be in the library of any serious learner! We talk in this episode about some key principles surrounding belief, which is largely a topic based on our own decisions and choices. Beliefs run us so we must be careful to be accurate and abundant in our own favor when it comes to beliefs. It's important to build that momentum in the right direction towards the things we want, not the things we don't want.

We talk in this episode about trains and other moving vehicles and how they build momentum. We share some of the motivational speaker Les Brown's story of overcoming labels and obstacles as well as some motivational thoughts and quotes he shared. Lastly, we go over 8 ways to really maintain the process of momentum in our lives! This episode is all about properly overcoming regrets through framing things properly and taking 7 steps towards finalizing that ultimately. We talk about using GPS and how sometimes we take a wrong turn but can get back on course.

We have some great quotes from Dr.

Creating YOUR Social Work Career: Understanding the Purpose of Social Work

Arthur Freeman and Bob Proctor with some added concepts and illustrations. WE assign meaning and are responsible for how we focus our energy. No matter what regrets we have, you are priceless and are never alone They say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and thus is the case when we talk about synergy. We talk in this episode regarding some fascinating facts surrounding bees and how they accomplish their short life's mission.

We expand on some of these principles and talk about another story of synergy used to save 9 lives and how all of this can apply to us individually, and especially as a team!

This is a great episode about the mindset and approach of champions, those who have achieved some level of greatness in a particular field of endeavor. We talk today about Kobe Bryant and his approach to bettering himself after some surprising things that happened when he was very young he covered some of it on Lewis Howes' podcast from last week as well.

We talk about Michael Jordan and the upside of getting cut from his high school team as well as other principles including a progressive map of etymology of words pertaining to success and becoming a true champion!

How Charting My Time for 2 Weeks Transformed My Life from Stressful to Happy

Our habits are the building blocks that make us what we are! In this episode, we cover the nature of habits and how they develop in our lives as well as the meaning and roots of the word. With decisive material from Tony Robbins, Vince Lombardi, John Maxwell and others including some great stories, there is much to learn on this topic!

Join us and explore how to maximize our good habits while replacing the bad ones.

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Perseverence is often the main difference between those who are successful, satisfied, joyful and happy and those who are not. We share some ways we can all enhance our abilities to persevere more consistently. This is a great topic for any of us in all walks of life! The Law of Attraction is a topic that has been talked about and addressed in various ways and from multiple angles over the years. In this episode, we talk about the functional structure of chosen focus and feelings to inject power into our lives on a consistent basis.

Since ABUNDANCE is our birthright, we cover ways to harness our emotions and make room for the things we desire most while getting rid of those we do not to create even more space for the desired results.

  1. English Dialects From the Eighth Century to the Present Day.
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  3. Life Purpose: Discover Yours Through Living & Leadership | Wright Living;
  4. When we say "abundance," we are referring to those things that we actually want in our lives. In this episode, we discuss this concept as it relates to a chosen mindset, patterns and surroundings we incorporate into our lives. We talk about a parable of a tomato and the planting of seeds for a harvest.

    What is the Purpose of Life? (Big Picture Ep. 5/5)

    We also talk about Oprah Winfrey and her struggles as well as obvious triumphs. In this episode, we talk at length about the concept of our worth as humans and the very real, tangible and lasting effects of our thoughts, words and actions. We also talk about the struggles and turns of events that led to Ole Kirk Christiansen starting The Lego Group in This is one of several examples used of the so-called "butterfly effect" of the seemingly small things in this world including our actions and the profound impact they can have - for better or worse! Listen with an open mind and get to know yourself to maximize that impact in our world!

    In this episode, we cover some ground on how we start in this life as babies and what that meant for us then as well as what it means for us now in terms of what should matter as we continue to develop and grow. We also cover some topics surrounding our self-view and getting to know ourselves as well as Tony Robbins' 6 Core Human Needs and how those unfold in various ways for each of us individually! Light is a source of life and joy in our lives. In this episode, we talk about the scientific nature of light and how that applies figuratively to us in order to balance our lives and find joy!

    We also shared two great stories of others helping lift others and even those who were about to take their own lives. This is a broad yet very valuable topic! See how you can manage and increase your light and your ability to generate light and positive energy so you can share that with the world! Setting goals is a crucial centerpiece to have a target and set a path to hit that target or set of targets. In this episode, we talk about a few stories of people who set their minds to something and the power of the mind in general in terms of how we focus and follow through.

    It's worth noting that our attitudes are very important and we must have solid "why's" for everything we set out to do. In today's episode, we discuss the nature of distraction and the counterfeits of sensory stimulation as well as what the word "amusement" really means based on its roots. There are a couple of stories and examples as well as 11 ways we can avoid distractions and stay focused on our end game. This topic is crucial to finding success in any human endeavors and, as always, is subject to the discretion and individual circumstances of YOU!

    We get what we put into our lives. This, as always, is all about balance. It's not just about work or play or anything else. It's about all of that and building relationships and becoming better. We talk in the latter half of the podcast also about a study of the rich and how they spend about 4 hours out of every day. As many say, do what others won't and live like others can't. This applies to all areas of life wealth, health and overall happiness in which we can truly be rich by our wise and deliberate use of TIME! This episode covers various principles and a few stories related to the chains that bind us that are sometimes delusional.

    We talk about some analogies related to cars and airplanes. The bottom line is that we have opportunities to face these chains for what they are and overcome them with simple choices and taking the right steps! This is crucial to finding the success and joy we all seek in life! In this episode, we share several examples of the immense power of the mind to influence our bodies and surroundings. Joe Dispenza.

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    This book addresses the chemical and physical processes that take place, starting in the mind, to effect change and growth. We have some studies and stories that are sure to get you thinking In this episode, we talk at length about the nature of challenges of different sorts that we all face in life. We talked about Viktor Frankl's book, Man's Search For Meaning as well as 10 principles and steps that can be taken to really maximize our response to the various trials of life. We touched on some thoughts and quotes from Brendon Burchard and Dwayne Johnson and we reiterate that we as people are much more than any particular moment in our lives!

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    Perhaps, therefore, he could be accused in this instance of ducking his own question rather than answering it. Yet when your essential position is that most everyday thinking is confused, that is a fair line to adopt. Quite unlike the superficial treatment of religion, his broadly humanist treatment of morality is sensitive, thorough, and based on impressively wide reading. It is not surprising that the tensions between consequentialist and deontological ethics are explored, particularly in relation to the widely-cited problem of the out-of-control railway trolley and the decision which way to shift the points.

    We learn that Kant, himself taking issue with Luther, considered that Abraham should have realized that a command to sacrifice Isaac could not have come from God; Kierkegaard, in Fear and Trembling, told four variant versions of the story, each bringing to the fore a different aspect of its moral complexity. I wonder how many Sunday sermonizers are aware of this fertile source of material? Fiona Ellis starts where Shaun Carroll ends — with ethics.