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And since I knew I was going to write a story about the experiment, a significant part of me regarded the poems as another chore to be dispatched. A much more enjoyable chore than, say, xeroxing but a chore nonetheless. Having to conform to a scheme made it seem even more like a game.

Feeling hungry now What should I nom on for lunch? I choose spicy pork — Sherrel. I tend to spend my morning subway ride doing one of two things: worrying about the day ahead or the day before, or escaping from said worries into historical mysteries.

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Both activities end up leaving a faint, not-so-positive residue in my mind. I initially decided to write my daily haiku during my commute just to get it done with see: writing as work.

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But it ended up being the ideal subway vocation. It made the ride fly by. And unlike my usual AM activities, I arrived at the office feeling alert and a bit buzzed from wordplay. Much free food today!


Tried giving coffee up for a week — just gave in. Sharing haiku bonded me with my coworkers in a new way. One of my favorite parts of the experiment was learning about them and their personalities in syllable increments. The 7 of us are on different teams at TED and have very different responsibilities, but I discovered we love many of the same things: dogs on the subway more later , the sun, coffee, and the free food that periodically appears in the kitchen as if a gift from the gods.

We posted our haiku in a Slack channel. Anytime a new one appeared, I felt like I had received a tiny, precious gift we could unwrap together. The members of our group greeted each haiku with emojis, praise, and praise in the form of emojis, which served as delightful punctuation points to the activity, like the confetti tossed after a wedding.

While Slack can sometimes be a source of stressful communications, I knew that any message posted in our channel would bring me nothing but happiness.

I wrote a haiku every day for a week — here’s what I learned

The rain is falling It is wet, it is dreary But it cleans the earth — Jasmine. Since I was writing an article about the experiment, I thought it would be simpler if the haiku hewed to a single theme. Like so much about the experiment, this decision had unintended positive effects.

LeBron's Chalk Toss

My pre-experiment walks to the subway must have been similarly full of such moments but I was usually too distracted see: worrying to pay attention. Mind if we sit next to you? The day our experiment began, my coworker Micah and I spoke about how much we enjoyed it whenever we happened upon a dog riding the subway with their human.

And all 6 of my coworkers said they wanted to keep doing it.

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    While a point won't be considered too bad, they missed a glorious chance to seal three points in their Group F curtain-raiser. The club name is actually 'BV Borussia 09 e.

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