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I have no idea how the author managed to write all of these experiences out, but I sincerely hope that it has helped him in some way. Losing the Hate is a story of sexual abuse, self-hate, and a road to recovery. It kept me on edge praying his abusers would be caught and made me really sad for the life he lead because of the abuse. Simon Palmer deserves great recognition for his soul baring autobiography. Though he has taken much of the blame for his sexual abuse and the course his life took from that, onto his own shoulders, I can only blame the trusted adults whosoever abused him.

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Abuse changes the person a child was born to Losing the Hate is a story of sexual abuse, self-hate, and a road to recovery. Abuse changes the person a child was born to become. Losing the Hate could only have been written by a man hoping in his heart that his story would help another and I am sure it would. I recommend it be read highly. Jul 26, Matt Posner rated it it was amazing. I reviewed this for amazon already and you should look at my review there.

Simon Palmer's story is brutally honest, painful, almost unimaginable to contemplate A story with heart. Sep 14, Pollyanna rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction. Please read this book. It's important, the knowledge you will gain from it may save someone's life.

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As a survivor of abuse I cannot understate the courage it took for the author to relive his experience, in detail, and recount it with such honesty. This book needs to be read and deserves to be read. Thank you for sharing with us Mr Palmer. May 20, Claudia rated it it was amazing.

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Losing the Hate, had a tremendous emotional impact on me. Wow what a read!

Finished it in one afternoon, and haven't quit thinking about it since. The author took me directly into his world, I found myself absolutely engrossed. As dark and emotionally gripping as the subject matter is, it is written with remarkable finesse and a deep sense of respect for the reader. This is an exceptional book, the author's talent and sensitivity are evident from the first page on, and you will not be able to pu Losing the Hate, had a tremendous emotional impact on me.

This is an exceptional book, the author's talent and sensitivity are evident from the first page on, and you will not be able to put it down.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Simon Palmer. Simon Palmer. Books by Simon Palmer. That was only five years ago. I was 35 years old. I always knew it would be but it was about taking that leap. Being part of that rugby team and being accepted allowed me to be myself.

But he turned his back on the game until finding his way to the Steelers. But I stopped myself from playing rugby in university because I was gay. We make our own.

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T he Steelers were founded in , the first gay rugby club anywhere in the world. Recently, I was notified by one of my vendors that I needed to migrate to eStatements over traditional paper billing or I would be charged a fee to continue to get my paper statement.

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The logical part of me understood that this was only meant to enforce my use of the online statement, which I had meant to switch to anyway. But the irrational side of me was miffed at the notion that I should pay for the privilege of the company to bill me so I could pay them for their services. The truth was, I usually paid the bills online anyway, rendering the paper statement irrelevant. But I was annoyed that the paper statement would no longer be an option for me for free, and instead was considered an extra service for which I would pay a premium.

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Changing the way you do business is often a necessary part of the process. Like my vendor above, paper billing is a costly and obsolete way to deliver bills to a client. Moving the customers to an eStatement is a great way to cut costs and improve service. But only if you can frame it right for the customer.

After Netflix decision to remove the titles, one of these offended customers appealed to journalist, Dan Ariely of the Wall Street Journal and author of several New York Times bestselling books on behavioural economics. She wanted to know what she was so upset about losing the titles. He answered her that she should think of Netflix like a museum, to help her frame the situation in a new way.

Not that she lost something she was entitled to, but that the exhibition had simply moved on to feature new works of art. What is key here, however, is that in order to make peace with it, she would have to change the way she thought about the loss. The reality is that designing a Customer Experience is more than just looking at the rational, logical steps of the experience. To avoid the feelings of loss, you should consider how you frame the change so the customer perceives an improvement to the service, and likewise its perceived values.