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Feel free to email me at Kraseman cod. It does a good job of covering both the theoretical bases for ethics in the first half of the text and the current issues and areas of contention in ethics in the remaining portion of the text. The variety of ethical theories and the depth of discussion for critical topics makes this a first choice.

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Series Pearson Author Jacques P. Product detail Title no longer available. The application of theories to real world problems i. Ethics: Theory and Practice is written at the perfect level for students new to the study of ethics. It isn't too technical, and it avoids plunging into complex readings without any background.

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  • The descriptions of theory and the applications are clear and complete. This ensures that students will easily understand difficult concepts. The Pearson eText lets students access their textbook anytime, anywhere, and any way they want-including listening online or downloading to iPad. A personalized study plan for each student promotes better critical-thinking skills, and helps students succeed in the course and beyond.

    Assessment tied to every video, application, and chapter enables both instructors and students to track progress and get immediate feedback. With results feeding into a powerful gradebook, the assessment program helps instructors identify student challenges early-and find the best resources with which to help students. Class Prep collects the very best class presentation resources in one convenient online destination, so instructors can keep students engaged throughout every class.

    Each case is open-ended and encourages the student to examine his or her own ethics and views on how the situation should be handled. It directs students on how to ponder and develop their own ethical ideas, while educating them on traditional theories.

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    Each appendix contains a general discussion of the problem and discussions of specific cases. These appendices contain the author's own views on how the various moral issues in the book might be dealt with and resolved. Instructors may assign each appendix with its respective chapter, posing various discussion questions for students to deal with. PowerPoint Presentation Slides : These PowerPoint slides help you convey anthropology principles in a clear and engaging way.

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    • A flexible organization offers a wide spectrum of theories and issues from which to choose. Overview of Changes 2. Chapter-by-Chapter Changes 1. For example, Ethics: Theory and Practice now includes the famous trolley problem.

      Ethics Theory and Practice (Custom Edition), 11th Edition

      Extensively Updated! Ethics: Theory and Practice now reflects the current language of today's modern college student. Coverage of consequentialist, nonconsequentialist and rights based ethical theories through engaging exercises and problems. Discussion on the compatibility or incompatibility of freedom and human happiness. Material on rationalizations in business contexts and obligations to the environment. The exploration of the ethics of human experimentation, selling body parts on Craigslist and Euthanasia in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

      Additional material on the ethical problems of bullying, cheating, and suicide is included. Corresponds to a one-semester course in applied ethics.

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      Measures understanding of ethical knowledge as it applies to practical ethical situations. Application of knowledge about ethics is accomplished through the use of case studies and related sets of multiple-choice questions. Knowledge categories include basic theories and concepts such as utilitarianism, natural law theory, justice, duties and obligations, and rights; metaethics, covering topics such as subjectivism, objectivism, and naturalistic fallacy; and moral deliberation, covering topics such as moral sensitivity, status of moral judgments, and implications of moral concepts.

      Knowledge from these categories is then applied to practical ethical issues such as social and personal issues, bioethical and medical issues, professional and business issues, and environmental issues. Assumes a familiarity with the content generally taught in an introductory ethics course. Multiple-choice examination. Visit our bookstore to purchase the recommended resources for this exam: Find recommended books and study materials.

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