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Drink driving kills over 2, every year and used to be the biggest cause of teen deaths in America — now texting whilst driving has overtaken this figure. Just by searching one newspaper for texting whilst driving there are endless stories of people who have lost their lives for using their phones when behind the wheel. These facts and figures have been a major driver in the development of our Driver Distraction Prevention module which we would like to see as standard on every mobile phone.

Wake up to the danger!

The home-country principle would usually be impossible to apply in these cases. Therefore, the currently prevailing wage-replacement benefit system, which is applied when recipients do not work, should be replaced with a system offering wage supplements and community work.

RED PILL (Wake Up To The Danger)

That is sound advice in an otherwise chaotic state of affairs. If freedom of movement within Europe is to be maintained — and if high inflows of non-EU citizens continue — European welfare states face a stark choice: adjust or collapse.

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View Preview. Learn more Check out. Abstract Most women who have been sexually assaulted see at least some situations in the world as being more dangerous following their assault experiences.

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