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Budgeting for Dummies: Your Guide to Becoming Budget Savvy

When working with a Zero-Based Budget you take the time each month to plan where every single penny of your income will go. This includes income from your employment, any government cheques that may come, child support, etc. There are a few categories of expenses that you can have. Always adjust your budget!

Budgeting Doesn't Have To Suck - eBook

You can change the categories at any time when your circumstances chance and add things in when you need to have a little fun. This budget really allows you to prioritize your expenses and not your wants, which will get you closer to your goals. As you can see, there are small changes to the budget from month to month.

She decided to start carpooling a few days a month so her gas expense went down. She has more birthdays in February so she had to increase her gift giving expense!

How to Save Money Without Budgeting - Tips for People Who Hate Numbers - Saving Made Easy

However, you are important. And you will be happier keeping your budget if you know you have a little money you can spend however you want. It's easy to get sucked into a system that doesn't work for you. For instance, you may not be able to track your spending every day. If that's you, then don't buy into a budgeting system that requires this. There are plenty of systems where you can record once a week, or so.

If the system doesn't work for you, you won't do it, and there won't be any value to budgeting. Keep trying things until you find something you like. This is a huge skill and one that won't happen overnight. Living a disciplined life, though, will go far toward helping you make and keep your budget. Pay attention to your budget. Update it. And when you don't have any money left for something, stop spending! It can help to breathe through your desires, to remind yourself of your bigger goals, and to give yourself a waiting period before you buy things. This is a tricky skill, especially in light of the one above.

However, there are times in every life when it's right to splurge. This doesn't have to be a huge spending binge — it can be something as small as a coffee with a friend. A lot of times, this comes into play when you choose to buy something of a higher quality even though it costs more. It's up to you to decide when to splurge, but make sure there's some room for it in your financial life. When you're budgeting alone or you are the one in charge of the budget, it can be easy to let things slide.

11 Steps For Staying On Track With Your Budget

Get into the habit of asking yourself hard questions, like, "Why do I always spend too much on entertainment? Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links.

Figure Out Your After-Tax Income

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Perhaps the most common advice we hear these days is that happiness involves striking a balance between work and play. That is unless money is no object and you can hire a staff to take care of all your responsibilities. You may think budgeting automatically means limiting yourself.

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In fact, it simply means spending money in smarter ways. You can enjoy a work-life balance on a budget. Here are five ideas for putting money back in your wallet while still living a fun, balanced life. Although they may not appear expensive at first, they quickly add up to an unnecessary expense, especially if you never go. You might be stuck late at work or too tired to make the trek at the end of a workday.

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