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December 1, December 8, Balance and the Two Eddies. December , Rumbies are Woomo Eggs. Denizens of the Hollow Sun?

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Every-Day Book and Table Book, Vol. II, by William Hone.

Hollow Sun. Lizzie Doten. January 3, How Long to Fall to the Core? Groping for More Plot. January 6, Action at Core. Woomo Motives?

Space Blister. Internal Wind. January 8, Woomo-Kraken Plan. The Black Gods. Saucer Alive. January 18, Silbersack Likes it. New Ending.

Gray Whale Barnicles

Proposal Starting the Anomaly Chapter. At the Core. January 29, Wolfram Story Idea. Krakens and Urbsteg. January 31 passim, February 10, San Francisco.

Barnacle Cool technology t

I Need Complications. More Ants! February 19, Quick Fixes. Feb 20, Working Outline. Mason and Seela Immigrate. Evergreen Cemetery. March 3, Eddie in Evergreen Cemetery. March , Eddie and Ina Return. March 14, Leaving the Cemetery. Issues: Ants, Woomo, Humans. They Prepare to Drive to Big Sur. Birthday in Big Sur. Sperm Bank. March 28, Rising Frenzy. Stay or Go? April 3, Ned and the Pegasus.

April 4 - April 7, The Final Push. April , Ideas on Publication. April 11, The Ending. April 18, April 19, April 30, Kickstarter Prep. Kickstarter Launch. Revisions to HE2.

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May 27, Recap of Meeting with Silbersack. July 7 - August 15, Wrapping it Up. August 16, Farewell For still more info about my Hollow Earth books, and to view on online version of these Notes with clickable links, go to:. I started these notes while kicking around various ideas for a novel, and while writing some stories.

Early in I decided to write a sequel, Return to the Hollow Earth. But maybe that would be unreasonable.

Liam O’Flaherty The Collected Stories

I kind of like that one. So why not let it all hang out. Or maybe a title referring to the return of Eddie Poe to my cast! Eddie is a box-office force, for sure. More so than the Hollow Earth. Poe Redux would be an easy title, slightly cryptic. I mean, which option will the average person other than me be more interested in reading about? In this case, maybe Return to the Hollow Earth is still okay.

  • Notes for Return to the Hollow Earth, by Rudy Rucker!
  • The Ancestor's Tale.
  • Micaela Morris in Jos Heaven?

And I added a couple more. Chapter 9 done. A shade over 5K words per chapter. I might be half done by the end of January. I feel like I might pick up speed, write two chaps per month, and get it done by June, Dreaming of rushing it into self-pub this summer. That could be enough. I may only make it to 88K for this draft, although I often pick up a few extra K in the revision. Yeah, baby! Not totally sure a single volume would be good.

Or have the hardbacks be separate books as well. Costs a bit more for printing, but is slightly less work to design the editions of the hb match the pb. And there is maybe some collector cachet about a multivolume hb set. Can do an hb of the Notes , as well.

  • Green Tara.
  • To Kill A Mockingbird, Chapters 12-17.
  • About this book.

I never wrote a full outline for HE2 at all. And I wrote a few more outline sketches as I went along, and put them into my Writing Notes below. Outlines are overrated. Purple Whale Sinks. Machree flies to SF. Ina dies Eddie goes in grave with her Rudy starts writing Return to the Hollow Earth. Rudy joins them. Seela bails. Ride Lux to Sur for the Bloom. Return to Cruz. Mason Reclaims Seela.

Hatches Ned, Mason et al. But people did speak of the antarctic region. The discontinuity there is called the Moho. They know all this stuff from seismic studies.

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The Earth has a radius of approximately 4, miles. Or if that seems too thick, maybe just miles thick and suppose the crust is really strong. So the Earth with the inner part removed has a relative mass of , or If we want to slip to down to miles thick, the inner part has a ratio 3. Despite being so hot, the mantle is more or less solid, albeit plastic, due to the pressure. So, in an ocean situation, the five hundred or thousand-mile deep circulating water might not even be boiling. On Jan 4, , I sent a draft of this book proposal to John Silbersack, with the first nine and a half chapters attached.